Woo is a Tai Chi symbol representing wings. It was given to Rai by the Masked Tigeroid along with Byung card, Army. It was used again in episode 21, but Rai is forbidden to use it. It is a dragonoid card (only dragonoid can use it) but Rai was able to work it. Because of it, he was captured.


Two golden wings attached to the user.


  • Episode 10: Fly, Rai!
  • Episode 21: Misfit Marauders
  • Episode 22: A Chilling Reunion
  • Episode 23: Operation Dragon Strike!, Part 1 (Mentioned)
  • Episode 25: Out of Character
  • Episode 27: Welcome to Suhn
  • Episode 28: Tai Chi Racers
  • Episode 32: Showdown Against Mishka
  • Episode 38: Tai Chi Rebellion, Part 2
  • Episode 39: Tai Chi Rebellion, Part 3

The card was given to Rai by the Masked Tigeroid along with the Army card, Byung.


The Whoo card allows its user to grow a pair of bright, glowing golden wings like an angel's that let the user fly, swoop, and spiral in flight.


"Let me fly!"

Usually Rai just crosses his arms over his chest.


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