This page is dedicated to all the characters that are training to be warriors.

  • Donha - Donha was given the exact same training as Sena.
  • Finn - Finn was trained by Elder Sid. This may explain his power.
  • Hannah - Hannah may have recieved some training, as she does have some Tai Chi skill.
  • Phoebe - Phoebe was trained by a Dragonoid elder, and posibly by her brother as well.
  • Rai - Rai had no training prior to joining the team, but is seen training on the airship.
  • Sena - Sena is seen training as a small child in Episode 11.
  • Tori - It is unknown what type of training Tori had.

Finn's ParadoxEdit

Finn is said to have been trained by Elder Sid as a small child, but he is also suspected to be a doll. One of these is probably a lie. However, Finn could be a doll that was designed to age. However, he sill is trained by Elder Sid