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  • Diaricks

    Page Goal: 50

    January 8, 2012 by Diaricks

    I like to make pages. I love it. So, because this wiki is low on pages, I've made a goal for how many pages I'll try to make: more than over 50, because this wiki has 15 pages right now.


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  • Diaricks

    Okay, to let everyone know on this wiki, I know this isn't a big deal (call me crazy or stupid), I sometimes wonder why when you're writing your first blog, you need a title. I know it makes sense, but can it just be called a blog post.

    Sorry I'm really dumb, anyway, I'm Diaricks, I love editing and I love CW4kids (at times). Since discovering the new show Tai Chi Chasers I thought "Why not watch it this Saturday?" so I did, and enjoyed myself. So I looked for a wiki, and found this one.

    This one is a little too low on page content, so I'll mainly be working on that and some more content to other pages. We also have a big issue with photos here, so I'll also need to look up so photos on Google Images and other places.

    I know, this isn't norma…

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