Tori is the prankster of the Tai Chi Chasers. He is also the youngest (and smallest) of the group.

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Gender Male
Age 9
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
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Appear in Episode 1
Species Tigeroid
Nemesis Emporer Diga, General Vicious, General Mischka, Ave, Luka (Season 1 and 2), Jahara (Season 1 and 2), Garnia


Tori doesn't have any recollection of his parents and was raised in an orphanage. The only thing he thinks he has of them is a tiger pendant he has never taken off.


English / 4KidsEdit

Tori's the Tai Chi Chasers' team trickster. His favorite thing is playing practical jokes...but don't let his pranks fool you! He's a terrific Tigeroid with awesome Tai Chi attack skills which he uses to make fools of the Dragonoids.


Tori is a trickster and always tries his hardest to keep everyone smiling. Because he was raised differently than the others, he has a strange way of showing people he wants to be their friend, such as when he kept annoying Rai to smile, although Sena explained to him that Tori was just trying to tell him in his own way he wanted to be his friend. Tori was described by the woman at his orphanage that he had been extremely shy and never stepped over to another child, which the others found hard to believe.


Tori is quick and tricky, and uses tricks and pranks on his enemies. He was noted by the woman at his orphanage that he had the ability to make people laugh or smile, and always tried to keep them at it.

Tai Chi CardsEdit

Already HadEdit

  • Hwan / Illusion
  • Myeon / Sleep
  • Hwal /.Slip
  • So / Laughing or Lighten Up
  • Gae / Open
  • Sang / Up
  • Soh / Small
  • Sok / Fast 
  • Su/Locate


  • Bi / Sad




Voice ActorsEdit

Korean: Kim Seo Yeong

English: Veronica Taylor


Playing around, funny jokes, hang out with Rai and Donha, Rai and Sena get along, Ophange Kids, sunny days


Rai or Sena's tempers, anyone who hates his jokes, Rai and Sena arguments


  • Tori resembles Marucho Marukura from Bakugan: both wear glasses, have short blond hair, and are both the shortest members of the groups. But some other rumors told that he is also resembles Clemont (or known in Japanese as Citron) of Pokemon XY for the same reason.
  • Tori dreams of being a comedian.
  • Tori's worst nightmare is people hating his jokes.
  • Tori lied to his friends at the orphanage, saying he was a movie star, Sena was his co-star, and Rai is his manager.
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Tori is the only member of the Tai Chi Chasers (Hak excluded) who doesn't use any Elemental Tai Chi