Rai 6 as a tigeroid

Rai in Tigeroid form

A Tigeroid, called a Navajo in South Korea, is an ancient species which created the tai chi cards along with the Dragonoids. The red/white/Yang of the Yin Yang symbol in Tai Chi Chasers is represented by the Tigeroids.


Tigeroids take on the appearance of normal humans, although they give off an aura which only Dragonoids and Tigeroids can sense.

Tigeroids bear the signature black tiger stripes on their arms and cheeks when about to use tai chi cards. Their hair also grows more shaggier and wild, and a purple fiery aura shows their change. 3 stripes appear on each arm, and two stripes appear on each cheek.

Rai with the Aura



Tigeroid warriors, normally adults, wear armor. Common Tigeroid warriors have tan armor. Some ones (such as the Masked Tigeroid) hide their faces with a mask resembling a tiger's head and wear long flowing capes. The armor and mask covers their face and arms, so you can't see their stripes when using tai chi.


Many of the Tigeroid leaders are called Elders, while the ones who are in war are the generals.


The only Tigeroids who can detect Tai Chi cards are the Tigeroid spirits, small cream colored talking cats with many brown stripes. They can detect the signals and mark their locations on maps, but can't use their detections to find it directly, a group of Tigeroids must search in the area. Tigeroid spirits can also detect Tigeroids from their aura, and if they are in trouble or not, as demonstrated in Episode 1 when Hak sensed Rai in danger from Luka.

There were some orange spirits in the Tigeroid Base. Most are orange or yellow. Hak may be the only white one.

These cats are the only ones that can fly tigeroid airships, stated in Episode 14 by Hak.

Tai ChiEdit


All of the Tigeroid tai chi cards originated from the red tablet of the Tigeroids, which had tai chi symbols on them. When the chase broke out between the Tigeroids and Dragonoids, the symbols took on the form of cards.


All Tigeroids use red Activators with orange designs while Dragonoids use blue ones with green designs.


A Tigeroid's powers and abilities are weakened in water. They themselves lose power. Found out in episode 7.

Known TigeroidsEdit

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