The masked tgroid

The Masked Tigeroid

The Masked Warrior


Rai's mother


Train Rai (and try to keep identity a secret)




Rai (son), Luva (husband), dolls (stepchildren)


Chasers, Komorka, Luka (season 3), Phoebe

The Masked Tigeroid, also known as the Masked Warrior aka Rai's mother, is a mysterious warrior who bears a tiger mask to cover her face, and, unlike the title of this page, is likely a Dragonoid. She claims to know everything about Rai, and his ultimate weakness. She's also just as powerful with Tai Chi cards, she demonstrated a good amount of skill when battling against Luka.

Tai Chi CardsEdit

Already HadEdit

Riu / Flow

Jun / Notify

Po / Foam


Sae - Increase (gave to Rai)

Given (to Rai)Edit

  • Gok / Discover
  • Whoo / Wings
  • Byun/Army
  • Sae / Increase

Species SpeculationsEdit


  • Uses a Tigeroid Activator
  • If Lord Gherba proves to be her husband, then why would the Emporer's assistant be a Tigeroid?


  • Very powerful underwater compared to most Tigeroids.
  • There could be a second reason she wears a mask - she might be hiding her scales.
  • Luka recognizes her.
  • She uses the Light card; the opposite of the Darkness card, a Tigeroid card.


  • The Dragonoids think she is a guy.
  • She seems to know everything about the Lufdrake.
  • She is suspected to be Rai's mom.
  • She told Rai to go to the Land of the Spirits and talk to the Spirit King.
  • Despite the name of this page, she might be a Dragonoid.
  • In the show, she has been called "You", "that Mystery Warrior", "the [or that] Masked Warrior", and, only once (unless she is who practically everyone thinks she is), "Mom".