This page is all about the 4Kids TV game to find the cards.

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  • Finn unlocks Bing
  • Donha unlocks Byuk
  • Army unlocks Byung
  • Slice unlocks Cham
  • Sena unlocks Chun
  • Break unlocks Dan
  • Steel unlocks Gaang
  • Open unlocks Gae
  • Ghost unlocks Ghwee
  • Sword unlocks Gum
  • Rai unlocks Hwa
  • Change unlocks Hwah
  • Slippery unlocks Hwal
  • Tori unlocks Hwan
  • Luka unlocks Ja
  • Lightning unlocks Jeon
  • Tree unlocks Mok
  • Garnia unlocks Pok
  • Whip unlocks Pyun
  • Cage unlocks Rwae
  • Jahara unlocks Sa
  • Force unlocks Sae
  • Stone unlocks Seok
  • Laugh unlocks So
  • Water unlocks Soo
  • Wings unlocks Woo


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