English Phoebe
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Gender female
Age 13
Siblings Luka
Anime debut Welcome To Suhn
Appear in Tai Chi Chasers: Adventures in Suhn
Species Dragonoid
Nemesis General Mischka, Jakata (To degree), Emperor Diga

 Phoebe is the younger sister of Luka. She is a very hyper girl.


Phoebe is very hyper. She is also kind and sweet. She is shown to care for her teammates. She tries very hard to please and cheer up her brother. She also cheers up many of her friends and even Jakata who was rude the first time they met.

However she does have a bit of an attitude and does want to be taken seriously. Her patience has limits like when Rai introduces himself and drags it out. She is adventurous and when her brother denies that She be allowed to fight she gets mad and throws a little tantrum. She even follows them despite Hak and Duran's protests.

Phoebe also appears to love to cook. This is not the best thing considering that she fails to do so on many occasions.


  • Su/Water
  • Flower



Her friends, Rai, Luka (her brother), cooking, cheering, to have a crush on Rai, adventures, Jakata (to Degree), Jahara


The Tai Chi Chasers (at first), Jakata (to degree), herself in danger, Emperor Diga, being sad

Voice Actors Edit

Korean: 비비