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Tai Chi Chasers

This page is dedicxtaed to reporting glitches in the episodes. Few glitches are noticed unless enough attention is payed

Common onesEdit

  • The Activators of the Tigeroids and Dragonoids are often the wrong color
  • The clouds in most of the episodes don't move
  • Despite being in tigeroid/dragonoid form occasionally the Tigeroids/Dragonoids stripes/scales are not shown
  • on the occasion either Jahara's or Luka's sword's hilts are glowing


Episode 8Edit

  • Throughout many times in this episode Rai's activator is randomly on

Episode 18Edit

  • When doing laundry gardening and going to Komarka's room Jahara sometimes has her sword. At other times her sword is completely gone
  • A times at least one part of Jahara's outfit is the wrong color

Episode 19Edit

  • When Jahara is sent back to Suhn her sword is nowhere to be seen
  • After Jahara is sent back to Suhn Mishka's chair somehow disappear

Episode 20Edit

  • A major glitch is Rai's house. Rai said he rembered it, as if he couldn't recall, but then said he rembered it was his father's old study. Later, in the ruins of his house, it shows the painting, even though the ruined house was rebuilt.

Episode 22Edit

  • Dag's sleeves were gone at the begging of the scene.
  • Mishka typically wears a garment under his shirt however in this episode it is nowhere to be seen
  • When we first see Luka and Garnia at the mountains Luka is smaller then Garnia however the next clip we can clearly see that Luka is the same height.
  • When the snow around Jahara melts her boots are the wrong color

Episode 23Edit

  • After the Tigeroid airship the chasers use loses an engine Sena goes from happy to fierce back to back

Episode 24Edit

  • When using her ocean card, Asti's back is toward the Luftdrake doors which would make her attack go to her allies but it somehow attacks the robots
  • when Jahara captures the chasers with her thread card Rai was on the left of Sena. Later when Garnia wasbeing beaten by Jahara Rai was on the right of Sena. Finally when the hideous character left Jahara and a bright light appeared Sena and Rai again switched places.

Episode 25Edit