Tai chi gwi

Tai Chi Gwi card

Gwi is a Tai Chi card, representing ghosts. It is used by General Vicious. It is a forbidden card, due to the result it inflincts on its user in exchange for a powerful attack.


  • Episode 12: Follow the Leader

Gwi was used once and was about to be used twice by fusing its power into a super powered canon inside the Dragonoid ship.


Although the Gwi card's effect isn't certain due to never being used for real, when it was used to fuse a canon, the card drains some of its user's soul to power it, and make the blast very deadly once it was ready. When it is hungry for more of its user's soul, it is emanating a dark purple aura that causes the user's figure to emanate with the same aura, and cause their eyes to go bloodshot.
General vicious as a dragonoid under the gwi spell

The effect of Ghwee