General vicious

General Vicious

General Vicious is a general in the Dragonoid army. The Emperor decided to "transform" him into a monster.


He has appeared in numerous episodes until he was forcibly taken to Suhn.


He is the commnder of the dragonoids but he has to keep Luka in line because he frequently disobeys his order as shown in episode 1 when he refused to come back also in episode one, he ambushes the Tai chi chasers but is thwarted by Sena who used the darkness character. He is later seen having a talk with the emperer and he tells his team to track down the tigeroids and destroy them all and take their Tai Chi Characters at once. However he unfortunetly went mad and tried to destroy their Tai Chi symbols and was willing to drain his soul to use the ghost tai chi to power his missle than to let the Tai Chi Chasers escape. In episodes 12 and 13,however, he was brought back to Suhn by the emperor and replaced by a new general.

Tai Chi CardsEdit



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