Garnia was a Dragonoid warrior. His main enemy is Tori. He died in episode 24, saving Jahara



Tai Chi CardsEdit

Already HadEdit

  • Gi / Slow
  • Pok / Explosion (now belongs to Rai)
  • Bang / Disable





  • He likes to pick on Tigeroids.
  • He wields a large hammer.
  • Tori likes him slightly.
  • He is the only one who was that was not put in a trap or severely punished by Meeska. However, Meeska did leave him as bait for the Tigeroids.
  • He is very humerous, and cares about cheering people up, just like Tori( As seen in Episode 22 when he attempts to cheer up Luka).
  • He is loyal to the emperor even when he and Mishka left him in the Luftdrake as bait.
  • He gave himself up to save Jahara from Yun, the hideous character.
  • He is the only character so far to actually die.
  • if you wanna see a video, go to file:///C:/Users/zaki.shamelapaul-PC.000/Downloads/Garnia%20laughing%20like%20a%20retard.mp4