General Vicious as a Dragonoid

A Dragonoid, called a Dragonkin in South Korea, is an ancient race that created the tai chi cards with the Tigeroids. The blue/black/Yin of the Yin Yang symbol is represented in Tai Chi Chasers by the Dragonoids. They are the main villains of the show (with the exception of Rai, his mother, and Luka, Jahara, and Phoebe of season 3).


All Dragonoids are tall and human-looking, but can be identified as a Dragonoid from the aura they give off.

Dragonoids bear dragon scales that appear on their faces and on their arms. The scales appear in blue fiery aura.



Main article: Dragonoid Troops.

All of the warrior Dragonoids are either robots or adults and wear metal armor and all wield a weapon besides their Tai Chi cards and activators. The adult warriors must be trained well enough to be flexible with their weapon (although its not known if they choose their weapon or are assigned one).


Dragonoids are run by Generals (so far) that command the ships and warriors. The emperor was shown in two episodes.


The only Dragonoids who can detect tai chi cards are the Dragonoid spirits, small talking purple and black flying dragons with curled tails. The only spirit known so far is Duran.

Tai ChiEdit


All of the Dragonoid tai chi cards were created on a blue tablet. When the chase between the Tigeroids and Dragonoids broke out, the symbols took on a form as cards which they could track down and reclaim.


Dragonoid activators are blue with green designs while Tigeroid activators are red with orange designs.

Known DragonoidsEdit

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