THIS PAGE CONTAINS SPOILERS, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK Several characters are actually dolls, created by Lord Gherba. Unlike most characters, they turned back into dolls when they are seriously hurt. It seems that they might be mortally wounded, but no blood is ever shown. It's unknown if they can be revived, though it's highly unlikely. They don't have a mom, instead, they are the children of Lord Gherba and a Tai Chi Card. The only one that doesn't seem to be a Dragonoid is Finn, who seems to be a Tigeroid, but he can use Dragonoid cards, and he has red, glowing eyes in one of his forms, so, like Rai, he might be a Hybrid. While they are artificial intelligances, they do have emotions, and act like real people, using their emotions as such, such as crying over a death.


  • Lita is similar looking to Laura, and is somewhat pacifistic as well.
  • Jakata is similar looking to Rai, and acts a lot like him as well.
  • If the dolls were created by Lord Gherba, and Lord Gherba is really Luva, then Rai is technically their older half-brother.
  • Finn is clearly stronger than the others, as he can get severely hurt and not turn into a doll. Also, he seems to, ironically, be more flexible and "human" with his emotions, while he shows them the least.
  • If Finn can use Dragonoid Cards, it is possible for anyone to used both cards since the dolls don't belong to neither Tigeroids non Dragonoids.

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