A Dragonoid who has a habit of hiding things up his sleeves. His role of being with the Dragonoids is very much like Tori's. As of Episode 20, he was sent back into time and is now a child.


Ave has a similar personality to Tori's, just more cruel. Ave is a cocky prankster who loves to equally defeat his opponents while entertaining himself with their defeat. He hides his Activator and Tai Chi cards in his sleeve, along with a wicked whip he uses as a main weapon.


ave as a child

Tai Chi CardsEdit

Ave's has similar trickster-like Tai Chi cards like Tori.

Already Had Edit

  • Bian / Whip
  • Yanwu / Smoke
  • Qiujin / Captivity
  • Sha / Down
  • Byung / Transform
  • Tei / Close or Stasis
  • Jung / Malice
  • Move
  • Rwae / Jail or Captivity




  • Between the first two seasons Ave had the most missions of the core Dragonoids
  • Ave was turned into a monster by Mishka using the hideous character.
  • He is now a child
  • The Dragonoids can no longer find him as of episode 20.

References to popular cultureEdit

  • In episode 13 when Rai and his beetle friend were about to ram Ave, he says "Zionks!" This is a reference to the character Shaggy from the longest-running American animated franchise Scooby-Doo, during which Shaggy uses his catch phrase "Zoinks!" whenever he's surprised or scared, which is frequently.